Wrestler all the way from Hungary visits Wild Samoan Training Center!

pops and john from hungary

The Wild Samoan Training Center has a storied history of training students from all over the world, including Ireland, Greece, Germany, South Africa, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, The Netherlands, Italy, England, and more, but there seems to be a particular attraction to Hungarians! In the 1990s and early 2000s, Zoltan Bigg "The Hungarian Barbarian" was a major WXW superstar and product of the training center. A tall, impressive figure with amazing ring abilities, he went on to become a finalist in the first ever WWE Tough Enough auditions. Afa remembers his first impression of Zoltan in the ring. "For a big man, around 6'7 and 300 pounds of muscle, when I first saw him dive off the top rope onto the floor, it amazed me. I knew then that he could be a force to be reckoned with."

Norbert Szabo "Ron Corvus", also from Hungary, joined the training center soon after and still visits regularly. Just last week, Hungarian wrestler Janos Hauki "J-Hawk" came to the United States to visit the Wild Samoan Training Center!

The possibility of bringing WXW and the Wild Samoan Training Center to Hungary for a special wrestling clinic was discussed, and this wouldn't be the first time Afa the Wild Samoan would bring his school and federation to Europe. Previously, WXW had come to Austria and Italy! Afa has always enjoyed training students from overseas. With their limited time in the States, there's a passion and fire in them to make it all the way. Currently at the Wild Samoan Training Center is the WXW Heavyweight Champion "The Outback Silvaback" Mark Silva from Perth, Australia, and Jonathan Kenworthy from Wales.

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