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Adult Professional Wrestling Training Program

The adult program offers out of the classroom training upon graduation. You will perform on live WXW wrestling events in front of a real crowd to gain your experience, while establishing your name and character in the spotlight. Classes are designed for a six month period, but Afa puts no limit on the amount of training each student needs. He will work closely with each student offering one-on-one training. Graduates of the program are multi-trained professional athletes. Upon graduation, you will receive THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF ENTERING INTO THE WORLD OF WRESTLING.

Don't just take our word for it


A multi trained athlete. A Wrestler learns all the holds and moves. The ins and outs of the sport. How to have a match and not hurt your opponent, and how to defend yourself in a match with someone who might be trying to hurt you.



A manager is the key player in wrestling. The brains behind the muscles. He/she looks for title shots for his/her wrestler, as well as acts as the mouth piece. A manager is trained in the ring. Everyone loves the manager who gets a good toss over the top rope now and then.

Wrestling Manager


The referee has one of the most important jobs in the sport. He/she must be fair and impartial. Know how to call the match and when to stop it. He/she will act fast in an injury and get help for the wrestler. A referee is also trained in the ring.

Wrestling Referee


The valet in wrestling is kind of the card girl of boxing. Everyone loves to see her, and she always shares a smile. The valet dresses up the show with style and class. The valet is also train in the ring to defend herself.

Wrestling Valet

Ring Announcer/Color Commentator

A Ring Announcer is the voice, emcee, and "host" of the event, a master of ceremonies announcing each match. The Color Commentator adds flair, entertainment, and a constant running commentary on the action in the ring during each match.

Ring Announcer


  • At least 18 years of age
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Documentation from physical clearing you for rigorous physical activity
  • Participate in a personal interview
  • Complete TRYOUT and REGISTRATION forms accompanied with its fees. We can accept cashier's checks, money orders and all major credit cards.
  • Meet tuition requirements (Note, all money paid to the Wild Samoan Training Center, Inc. is non refundable)
  • Be serious about training and give the camp your 150%.


Below you will find PDF files you can download and print to register for training at The Wild Samoan Training Center.

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